The Applied Sciences & Humanities Department (ASH) equips first-year students with fundamentals in the applied sciences, basic engineering courses and subjects in the domain of humanities. Courses such as Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Drawing are an integral part of the engineering curriculum and a prerequisite for the domain knowledge in specialized branches. The Applied Mathematics course prepares students for mathematical concepts and applications in higher semesters. Courses in Communication Skills, Business Communication & Ethics and Environmental Science help familiarize students with corporate, social and ethical practices, making them meaningful contributors of knowledge to society. Apart from orienting students to the needs and demands of the engineering course, the department helps them adjust to the hectic schedule by creating a student-friendly and conducive atmosphere.


  • To strengthen the fundamentals in Applied Sciences, Mathematics and Basic Engineering.
  • To develop the ability to communicate effectively as technical professionals.
  • To provide an environment for working effectively in groups.
  • To sensitise students to environmental and ethical issues.
  • To create a good base for further engineering education.



The department has the enviable reputation for being ranked as one of the highest-scoring departments in the university in terms of passing percentage among first-year students. It boasts of a highly motivated and experienced team of faculty members and laboratories equipped with state-of-the art equipment. The department is also active in various committees that monitor students’ activities and address social concerns such as the Students’ Welfare Committee and the Women’s Development Cell. The basic orientation provided by the ASH Department goes a long way in ensuring that students adapt well to the rigorous regimen of the engineering syllabus.